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Blinds to suit any living space.

A room that is practical and comfortable and that has good light and yet you do not want to be disturbed by bright light from outside.
The Solution?
VELUX roof windows blinds are both practical and decorative, these blinds add the finishing touch to any living area. VELUX blinds diffuse the light, ensure your privacy and can make a gloomy day disappear. A decorative range of colours and designs are available to compliment any décor.
Amber Blinds Torquay
Quality Fabrics & Parts
Our fabrics and components quality is second to none. We do not use cheap or unreliable materials.

Expert Services
Still not sure ? Or need further information contact us a via email or call us today on 01803 320777.
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Address: Hele Roundabout Torquay Devon
Telephone: 01803 320777